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Check your text for plagiarism for free with the internet’s leading plagiarism checker! uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to cross reference your text with millions of online results. Plagiarism-free writing is essential for making sure your work is taken seriously whether you are a student, professional, or blogger.

When writing essays or research papers, one of the most important things to remember is that you must properly cite your sources. Many universities have strict policies on how carefully students cite their sources. All your efforts writing a paper will go to waste if your professor thinks you plagiarized. On the other hand, if you are a teacher or professor, this tool may also come in handy to check your students’ texts to make sure it is free of plagiarism!

If you are a blogger, then it is important to note that original, unique content is vital for your SEO rankings. Google will lower your rank if your content matches other content published on the web. If your writing is identified as duplicate content, then Google and other search engines may very well blacklist your site. As a result, it will be extremely difficult to get your site up in the ranks. Not only is a plagiarism checker tool important for making sure your content is original, but it is only necessary for checking to see if anyone else on the web has stolen your content. If your blog or website ranks high in search engines, it has a higher chance of being subject to plagiarism by sites that are not original enough to create their own content.

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To use’s free plagiarism tool, copy and paste your text into the tool above.

To copy text, highlight the text you want to check, then press Command + C (if you are using a Mac) or CTRL + C (if you are using a PC). Next, click on the tool above and paste the text by pressing Command + V (if you are using a Mac) or CTRL + V (if you are using a PC). Next, click on the “Check Text” button to run your writing through the plagiarism tool.

Once the plagiarism checker has completed analyzing your document, it will return your results. The text will be highlighted in red if the device has detected plagiarism in your writing. Beneath the tool, you will find listings of places where an exact match of your writing can be found online. Use this data to cite your sources. When your text returns with no highlight, this means that no plagiarism was detected. You can rest a bit easier knowing that your essay passes our plagiarism scan, that your students have done their own work, or that no one is stealing your content from across the web.